Taj Lee makes St. Mary’s proud again
June 23, 2006
Taj Lee makes St. Mary’s proud again

Taj Lee has carved out a name for himself. Whenever there is an art competition, you could bet that Taj Lee would take part. He has had a number of successes over his short student career. His name has been well documented as a student of the St. Mary’s Roman Catholic School.{{more}}

Those include winning Fisheries, Forestry, and Venezuelan Embassy Poster competitions, and the Caribbean Star Birthday card contest. He is also a student of sound academic merit. He placed third for boys in the 2006 Common Entrance and seventh overall. He gained 93.3 for Maths, 88.3 per cent in General Paper and 86.6 percent for English.

He feels good about his achievement and is anxious to get into his Boys Grammar School uniform. “That’s where I always wanted to go,” Lee said.

Son of Anthony and Carmel Lee of Ottley Hall, Lee likes building houses with cards, and “putting dominoes in a row and making them all fall down at the same time.”

He is grateful to his parents and relatives “for encouraging me and helping me to study.” Lee also paid tribute to his pre-school teachers at the Kingstown Day Nursery.