People’s Action Alliance of Bequia unable to confirm sale of lands
June 23, 2006
People’s Action Alliance of Bequia unable to confirm sale of lands

In a press release issued on Wednesday, members of the recently formed Peoples Action Alliance of Bequia stated that they have been unable to confirm information published on the Internet that Government has already sold the crown lands on the south side of the island.

The release states that “Residents of the nearby village of Paget Farm, which is the island’s largest settlement, are wondering where they will be able to buy land in future for their children and grandchildren.{{more}} This is just one of the many questions which, in the spirit of transparency, need to be answered to reassure Bequia’s worried population.”

The citizen’s group states that they are awaiting a reply from the Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, to their letter requesting a meeting with him on the issue of the sale of crown lands.

The co-chairpersons of the committee which was set up on June 8th are Rocky McIntosh, businessman and former Senator, and Pat Mitchell, hotelier.

Garfield Gurley, a secondary schoolteacher, was named secretary, and Joan Davis, office manager, treasurer. Owen Belmar, restauranteur, Herbert Raguette, labourer and president of a Friendly Society, and Hezron Leach, teacher and musician, joined the rest of the executive as spokespersons for the committee.