Over 2000 employed at Digicel in 20 markets
June 23, 2006
Over 2000 employed at Digicel in 20 markets

Digicel announced on Tuesday that it is now an employer of more than 2,000 staff throughout its 20 markets of operation. In the past year Digicel has expanded from seven to 20 markets and doubled the number of its employees.

“The Digicel family has grown significantly in the past year and we are very proud of our staff’s accomplishments. The commitment of our employees is the cornerstone of our unmatched level of service and ability to provide more value and a better customer experience then the competition, said Colm Delves, CEO of Digicel.{{more}} “As we continue to deliver on our vision of a seamless pan-Caribbean network, Digicel will demonstrate unrivalled growth through the entrance into new markets in conjunction with sustained growth in our existing markets. As a result our number of employees will grow in tandem”.

With a significant amount of growth over the past five years, Digicel has become a significant employer in the region. Currently, over 90 per cent percent of Digicel’s staff is from the Caribbean. The company receives an average 400 resumes and inquires for employment each day according to Digicel’s human resources department.

Digicel reached this latest milestone through a combination of internal growth and acquisition. Almost one year ago, Digicel announced the acquisition of Cingular Wireless assets in the Caribbean and Bermuda, which quickly accelerated the expansion of its operations to several new markets.

In April, Digicel closed its US$196 million acquisition of Bouygues Telecom Caribe establishing operations in Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guiana, and in the same month launched operations in Trinidad and Tobago. Last month (May 2006) Digicel commenced operations in Haiti, a market of over 8 million people.

As the employee base continues to grow, Digicel has made more investments in professional development including the recent introduction of its Digicel University, a comprehensive portfolio of mentoring and training programs for all staff. Digicel’s ongoing commitment to developing staff and providing growth opportunities has paid off significantly in high employee retention rates. Many employees have been with Digicel since its launch in 2001.

The employee growth has been across all of Digicel’s markets including its headquarters in Jamaica. The company has plans to develop a state-of-the-art facility to house its Jamaica and head office operations in New Kingston, Jamaica.

With over US$1 billion invested in the Caribbean region, Digicel has become one of the most admired and leading brands in the region.