‘Ole George’ calls on men to take charge in the home
June 23, 2006
‘Ole George’ calls on men to take charge in the home

Fed up with being labeled as irresponsible, some 25 men proudly marched in T-shirts printed, “Fathers Not Missing In Action” from the Calliaqua Playing field to Heritage Square on Saturday, June 17.

To celebrate Father’s Day, the fathers and potential fathers conducted the march as a show of solidarity for their male counterparts who face the pressures of a society which they claim favours women.{{more}}

Main speaker at the rally, Social Worker, Earl “Ole George” Daniel pointed out the failings of some females, “Women are calling on men to take up their rightful role as leaders in the home, but how can we, if these same women want to rule and don’t want to submit? What do women really want?”

He elaborated, “When we make unpopular decisions, instead of standing by us, they disrespect us in front of the children. Men need the same support as women, we need our egos stroked, if we don’t have that support, we can’t lead successfully.

The social worker also suggested that there were too many negative notions being circulated about men, which have been perpetuated by hurt and angry women.

He said that this bickering between the sexes must stop, and called on women to do more introspection.

The Social Worker stressed, “You can’t just resign and give up on your family, if men don’t take action now nothing will change. Men need to stop sitting down at the bar with a drink in their hand and complaining. Get some backbone, take firm action now and be the man, it doesn’t mean that they should be abusive but they have to be the leaders in their homes.”

Highlighting the ratio of men to women who were behind bars, the former Prison Welfare Officer noted that this country was loosing too many of its sons to a life of crime and violence.

He expressed disappointment with organisations such as the church that expected fathers to visit their congregation for just a Father’s Day service. Daniel then criticised the church for only preaching to the converted.

He stressed, “Jesus went into the wilderness out of the church building to meet with the lost, the church needs to do the same. Instead there are too many preachers talking loudly and giving off noises: We need to stop shouting and reach our men with simple communication and love. The church must meet men on their turf.”

The group of men who gathered for the Father’s Day march and rally have since formed themselves into an organisation called “Activating Men’s Energies Now”, AMEN, which focuses on and represents the issues of the male gender.