June 23, 2006
Heads to read for Special Post-Graduate Diploma

Thirty principals and deputies are set to read for the Special Post-Graduate Diploma in Educational Management sponsored by the European Development Fund and presented by the University of Technology (UTECH) of Jamaica.

The programme, scheduled to run for nine months with a price tag of EC$750,000 was launched at Haddon Hotel, last Tuesday June 20. {{more}}Minister Miguel told the participants of the programme that they had been picked using several criteria including their solid track record and management abilities, as well as, their general empathy with students coupled with an obvious desire to see them develop their full potentials.

Dr. Geraldene Hodelin, Dean in the Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies at UTEC encouraged the participants to approach the programme with an open mind seeing that it is a new programme. “The timing of this programme is right” said Hodelin as she explained that this specially formatted Diploma flows out of UTECH’s Master’s programme, which has just been developed.

An excited Dr. Jeanette Bartley, Associate Vice President of the Continuing Education, Open and Distance Learning and Academic Affairs Division of UTECH, said she is proud that this programme is a reality, describing it as “a historic moment”. Bartley hailed the programme as the first of its kind to be offered by a Caribbean University.

“Today we really feel like we are giving birth” she exclaimed, remembering that the launching of the programme was coming nine months after initial contact was made between the University and the Ministry of Education concerning the programme.

Minister Miguel used the opportunity to announce the Ministry of Education’s plan to honour retiring principals and deputies on June 29.