FirstCaribbean to spend  US $300,000 on Unsung Heroes programme
June 23, 2006
FirstCaribbean to spend US $300,000 on Unsung Heroes programme

FirstCaribbean International Bank will spend some US$300,000.00 throughout the region on it’s Unsung Heroes programme this year. Last Thursday 15, the local branch of the bank held a short media briefing to launch the programme in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Island coordinator for the programme Aliethea Jackson reminded those gathered about the concept of the Unsung Heroes venture. These Unsung Heroes are champions of small or large causes, popular or esoteric causes; the key commonality according to Jackson is “their determination to make the world a little more pleasant, a little better than it was before.”{{more}}

These Heroes cannot be politicians or any developed media personalities. They must be going about their work in society without consideration for reward or self-acclaim.

When he addressed the media, Island Manager of the bank, Radcliffe Nurse, responding to a question raised about the honorarium to be given to the eventual winner said that US$5000 is to be contributed to the winner’s cause in addition to the recognition that will be given to their work. He explained that no financial reward will be given to the winner person-ally because that person, based on the programme’s concept will care more about their cause than their own gain.

He hailed the success of the three-year-old venture, declaring 2005’s programme as “our best Unsung Heroes ever.” Nurse highlighted the media and public response as indicative of the success of the First Caribbean Bank’s brainchild. There were over 211 submissions from across the region, quadrupling the entries from the previous year.

The local Unsung Heroes winner will be part of a list of 25 finalists from across the region, who will be vying for the regional award. Last year’s local winner, Dr Vivienne Child was awarded for her outstanding service in providing med-ical services to the needy in St Vincent. The US$5000 was donated to the Association for people with Disabilities – Helping Hands Centre, on her behalf.

Among those named in the local panel of judges are Superintendent of Police, head of the Police’s Public Relations Department, Artis Davis, and retired educator, George Bailey.