Three boatmen missing at sea
June 16, 2006
Three boatmen missing at sea

Three men who went out to fish off the leeward coast of mainland St. Vincent have been missing since June 4.

Reports claim that a 27ft, white, yellow and blue speedboat equipped with two, 200 horse power Yahama outboard engines, belonging to Kenny Browne of Layou, left to fish with Fitzroy Prince, 41, Ernie Gill, 31, and Marlon Mc Master, 25, on board along the north western coast of St.Vincent. The boat and its occupants have not been seen since.{{more}}

SEARCHLIGHT was able to contact the common-law wife of one of the missing men.

Vacita Derby confirmed that the last time she saw her lover Fitzroy Prince was Sunday, June 4, the day it is believed he went missing. She disclosed that he did not tell her where he was going, but that is not unusual, as he never tells her when he is going to sea.

“I am feeling sad about it because how he just left and did not say anything,” Derby lamented. She added “I have to keep the faith until I see him again.”

The grieving woman remains adamant that she will see her prince again.

Marcia Simmons told SEARCHLIGHT that she was informed about her cousin Prince’s, situation on Wednesday, June 7.

“To be honest when I heard of it I was feeling real down and I am still down,” said Simmons, adding “I hope and trust that they will come back.”

Prince who resides at Redemption Sharpes is the father of three children.

Persons with information as to the whereabouts of these men are asked to contact the St.Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard.