Bankers place more emphasis on Information Technology
June 16, 2006
Bankers place more emphasis on Information Technology

Finding common solutions for diverse problems, will allow banks to maximize the value of their investment in information technology.

That’s according to Bernard Hamilton, manager of credit administration at the National Commercial Bank (NCB).

Hamilton made these remarks while addressing the opening ceremony of the 16th General Meeting of Caribbean Bankers Users Group here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines at the Sunset Shores Hotel on Wednesday.{{more}}

The three-day meeting, hosted by NCB in collaboration with the St. Vincent Co-operative Bank will see bank officials from throughout the Eastern Caribbean knock heads together, chiefly to discuss new technologies associated with their supplier Jack Henry Associates (a company which provides integrated data technology systems to financial institutions throughout region.)

According to Hamilton, financial institutions are constantly being pressured to improve their business turnaround time, especially in today’s fast paced global environment.

“We are constantly challenged by intense competition to improve our service delivery,” Hamilton mentioned.

According to Hamilton, to respond to the growing needs of customers, financial institutions must keep on the cutting edge, and constantly upgrade their IT systems to meet the demand of customers.

The representatives from various banks throughout the Eastern Caribbean will conclude their deliberations today, Friday June 16.