Digicel shows off its WiMAX in Barbados
June 9, 2006
Digicel shows off its WiMAX in Barbados

Digicel used last weekend’s BMEX exhibition at the Sherbourne Conference Centre in Barbados to demonstrate a new suite of business solutions supported by WiMAX, the latest standardized wireless broadband technology.

Digicel’s Business Services is a multi-million dollar regional investment which is already in the trial phase among a select number of businesses in Barbados. BMEX gave the general public the opportunity to experience and test the technology.{{more}}

Digicel’s head of marketing, Faye Gill, says the package is designed to ensure that the mobile telecommunications company continues to provide the most innovative wireless communications technology available to the Barbados market.

She said, “The introduction of this technology will revolutionalise not only the way business is done, but the very way we communicate. Digicel is very excited about moving Barbados into this next era in wireless communications services, which provide high speed broadband connectivity over long distances and allows for the implementation of fully customizable and scalable business solutions, regardless of business size, industry or portfolio.”

Apart from facilitating high-speed data connectivity and Internet access, utilising dedicated and managed bandwidth, the Digicel Business Services is also designed to support quality voice communications for both local and international calls.

Gill also explained, “Existing wireless communications utilizes technology that is dependent on line-of-sight and is subject to interference from physical structures and some atmospheric conditions. Digicel Business Services offers wider coverage because WiMAX technology enables excellent non-line of sight coverage.

“In addition, it supports up to approximately 18 Mbps per sector, which means larger capacity to send and receive data at faster rates. For business purposes, this means improved productivity but at reduced operational costs. It also can be used to build a redundant path for all communications needs, which is particularly useful for disaster preparedness planning.”

WiMAX technology adheres to international standards for fixed and mobile wireless access. This makes the Digicel Business Services the most cost-effective solution for fixed wireless and mobile applications.

Gill added that the product will soon be commercially available in Barbados with the exact launch date to be announced.

Digicel has gained a reputation for being the Caribbean’s fastest growing mobile company, with operations in over 15 regional countries and licenses to roll-out in an additional six in 2006. As a result, the Caribbean company is well positioned to deliver regional wireless business solutions.