Cable & Wireless hosts customer Appreciation Day
June 9, 2006
Cable & Wireless hosts customer Appreciation Day

Vendors of Cable & Wireless mobile phone cards were treated to a day of appreciation for their work last Saturday June 3, 2006 at the Methodist Church Hall.

Perhaps the highlight of the day for many was the awards ceremony. Howard’s Driving School received the award for Top Super Vendor. Top Phone Sales award went to Cell World, Top eTopUp sales for an individual was given to Cutey Butcher and Aunt Jobe’s Supermarket copped the award for Top eTopUp sales for a Business. Surprises were even hidden under some patrons’ seats, and the lucky winners walked away with Motorola V172 handsets.{{more}}

Vice-President Mobile and Marketing, Fitzgerald Huggins said that the vendors work could not go unseen, and he mentioned that a big part of the success of the company depended heavily on the vendors’ success. Huggins also mentioned that the aim at Cable & Wireless is to strengthen the relationship with their vendors. The other winners included Classical Rentals, Ferdies Footstep, Pulse, Joyce Baynes, Renold Quashie and Ronald Seaton.

It was also announced at the ceremony, that as of June 30, 2006 Cable & Wireless mobile cards will no longer be sold. Huggins said that they are now moving in the direction of eTopUp, as it is faster and more reliable. With the eTopUp system, customers can just give the vendor their mobile phone number and the vendor transfers the credit to the customer’s phone.

There was also the launch of the Vendors eTopUp competition for the month of June. Vendors have the chance to make $5,000 in Retail Sales and win a trip to Union Island to spend the day on Captain Yannis; spend the day at the Young Island resort in a bungalow with dinner for two; or the chance of a trip for two to Barbados for Crop Over.