Man crushed under truck
June 2, 2006

Man crushed under truck

“Just saying hi, I hope you are enjoying your day.” These sweet words are those of the text message sent by Joseph John to his wife of six years Sylvorn lunch time on Monday, May 29. Just a few minutes later, at 1:10 p.m., John’s life was snatched away. Now Sylvorn, refusing to erase that message, is wondering how she can move on.

John, 34-years-old of Richland Park was driving a truck T3252 in Canouan when the vehicle overturned. In a desperate attempt at self-preservation the devoted father and husband jumped out, fell and received fatal head injuries. He died on the spot.{{more}}

John had one nine-year-old son with Sylvorn and was also the father of her two other children, ages 16 and 12 that she had from a previous relationship. “They called him daddy Joseph.” Sylvorn told SEARCHLIGHT that he was a great breadwinner and referred to him as “my right hand”.

She is still overwhelmed after all the years, as she reflects on his kindheartedness, taking her in with two children and loving them as his very own. “He will usually bring three big pans of Pringles each time he came up from Canouan and they always looked forward to that,” remembered the brokenhearted wife who is holding on to her faith in God to see her through. She is a practicing Seventh Day Adventist.

The last time Sylvorn saw her husband in person was over the Mother’s day weekend when he took the entire family to a beach picnic. They were looking forward to seeing him on the 9th when he was scheduled to come up for a weekend. As fate would have it, he will be up that same weekend to be buried on Sunday June 11, after a 2:30p.m. service at the Richland Park Seventh Day Adventist church.

John was the brother of Kendol Joseph of Richland Park who himself met an untimely death on Tuesday, March 28, when he died after receiving a stab wound to the left side of his chest.