DeBari donates art supplies to school
May 26, 2006
DeBari donates art supplies to school

Discovery Works Legal SVG has donated over $3500 worth of art supplies to the Girls’ High School. During a short handing over ceremony at the school’s art room on Thursday, May 18, C.E.O. and founder of Discovery Works Harry DeBari said that his company is very happy “that we are in a position now to give something back to St Vincent.”

He told SEARCHLIGHT that many of his company’s local staff are alumni of the Girls’ High School and some have children attending the school.{{more}} “Arts are an important part of the curriculum, and we’re pleased to complement the efforts of such a dedicated faculty by providing these much needed art materials, tools and supplies.”

DeBari was very impressed with the work of the girls and said that his company is very fortunate to be able to help expand their artistic horizon. In accepting the gift which included a potter’s wheel, crayons, pencils, paints and sketch pads, art teacher Stephen Lyn said that the students were extremely grateful for DeBari’s generosity.

“I have had a good relationship with Harry, and I am glad that he has reached out to this school, I really do appreciate it,” said Lyn. The 10 art students gathered showed DeBari samples of their work and presented him with a framed drawing which was done using graphite pencils he had donated.

Discovery Works, located at Lower Middle Street, was started by DeBari in 1996 as Netdata Services Ltd. In 1998, the US based company along with its Vincentian operations was sold. In the following years the company went through several changes and uncertainties until DeBari was approached to purchase the company back in 2003, which he did.

Discovery Works is a litigation support company which has offices in New York and Philadelphia as well as St Vincent. The local staff stands at 200 presently. This number is expected to increase to 300 within the next year.