Cuba Minister knocks US
May 26, 2006
Cuba Minister knocks US

America is powerful but they are not almighty and any country that seeks to foster a close relationship with Cuba should not be fearful of any diplomatic backlash or any such fallout because of their Cuban ties. This is according to Orlando Regueilo, Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Economic Collaboration and Investment of Cuba.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT at the 5th meeting of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines/Cuba joint commission held here from May 18th to 19th, Regueilo, who headed the Cuban delegation, said that if America wanted to spite countries for having a relationship with Cuba, they will have to challenge over 182 countries in the world with which Cuba has diplomatic relations. “With the majority of them we have ties of cooperation.”{{more}}

Regueilo, who describes the United States as an abnormal country, said that there is no hope of Cuba seeking to mend bridges with the United States under the current Bush administration. “This administration is greatly involved with terrorist elements in Florida who are serving American interest against Cuba,” stated Regueilo. “We have to wait another two years to see if the eleventh American administration since the revolution will be any different.”

Commenting on Cuba’s relationship with St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Minister Regueilo said that Cuba is excited about continuing to develop the relationship with this country. He told SEARCHLIGHT that both nations are getting to know each other better and he expects the exchange of knowledge to continue.