Massive literacy rally in Mespo
May 19, 2006
Massive literacy rally in Mespo


Over one thousand people turned up at Mespo Bridge last Wednesday, May 10 for what was “declared” the biggest literacy rally since the start of the National Literacy Crusade in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

It was the turn of Zone 3 of the National Literacy Crusade to host its Literacy “Mop up Ground Zero” activity, which climaxed with a massive rally at Bacchus Junction, Mespo.{{more}}

Zone 3 comprises the Marriaqua Valley, Greggs, Lauders and Lowmans, and is coordinated by Nigel Morgan. Currently over 700 adult males and females are actively involved in 70 classes at 38 different sites in the zone, and managed by over 110 facilitators.

Speakers at the rally included Hugh Wyllie, the director of the National Literacy Crusade, and deputy director Frances Clarke, Hon. Girlyn Miguel, Minister of Education, and several participants/learners and facilitators from various classes.

There was a guest appearance by the popular mini band “The Melody Makers”, and testimonies and cultural items performed by learners who had benefited from the crusade.

The Hon. Girlyn Miguel and Paula Rawlins-Jack were honoured for their outstanding contribution to adult literacy in their community.

The theme of the rally was, “Never too big to learn.”