Jackson wins $5,000 grand prize
May 19, 2006
Jackson wins $5,000 grand prize

Frank Jackson has won the St Vincent and the Grenadines grand prize of EC$5,000 in FirstCaribbean’s Loan Promotion Campaign. He was also winner of the first weekly draw of EC$500, while another Vincentian, Grantley Williams won the second weekly draw.

The FirstCaribbean Loan Promotion Campaign was conducted in the 16 Caribbean countries that the bank serves. It provided opportunities for the bank’s loan customers to cash in on total prize money of EC$60,000 comprising of two weekly draws and a grand prize in each country.

A spokesperson for FirstCaribbean said the bank offers personal loans at competitive interest rates and affordable repayment terms for motor vehicles, home repairs and renovations, vacations, education, and other areas.

“A low down payment is part of the contract to enable customers to transform their dreams into reality, to improve their lives, improve their comfort or provide a better education for their children,” the spokesperson added.