May 12, 2006
Digicel gets GSM licence in Bonaire

Digicel Group last week confirmed it had acquired a GSM licence in Bonaire in its continued expansion of a pan Caribbean GSM network.

Digicel acquired a majority shareholding in Antilliano Por N.V., the entity which holds a business licence to operate telecommunications in Bonaire and a federal licence to operate a telecommunications company in the Netherlands Antilles.{{more}}

This new licence increases Digicel’s coverage across the Netherlands Antilles as well as achieving the milestone of becoming the first mobile operator to connect all three ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) under one GSM network.

Digicel first entered the Netherlands Antilles with its launch in Aruba in 2002 and expanded further into the region in March 2005 through the acquisition of Curacao Telecom. Hans Lute, CEO of Digicel Netherlands Antilles, leads Digicel operations in this region.

With over US$1 billion invested in the Caribbean, Digicel is the largest mobile operator in the region with a network of close to 20 Caribbean markets and employs over 1500 people.