Children rewarded for reading
May 12, 2006
Children rewarded for reading

Children at the Calliaqua Anglican School have an extra reason to sharpen their reading skills. Besides improving their academic standard, students can get trophies, medals, books and other rewards.

The first Reading Harvest came off at the school’s premises last Tuesday, and teachers at the school are promising that it would be an ongoing exercise. {{more}}

Students will be trying to nab the Lady Ballantyne award, symbol of reading enthusiasm in that school. Sherri-Ann Ollivierre, a 10-year-old Grade Five student, copped that trophy handed over by Lady Ballantyne.

Matthew Harry, her classmate, received the Sir Frederick Ballantyne trophy for his efforts. The Most Improved Reader was Arusha Oliver who received the SEARCHLIGHT newspaper trophy. Kyron Pompey received the Ken Boyea trophy.

Other students took home medals and books.

Students displayed the seriousness of the venture with practical signs of reading activity.

Calliaqua is one of six towns here. It is about six miles south-east of capital city Kingstown. The Calliaqua Anglican School has a population of 400 and a staff of 24.