St. John’s RC church annointed by Bishop
April 28, 2006
St. John’s RC church annointed by Bishop

The smoke of sweet smelling incense filled the church, anointing oil was poured on the altar, the choir bellowed songs of praise and people of all walks of life packed the church with even the base of windows providing seating. When all was said and done, God was given thanks and the St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic church in Mesopotamia was declared blessed on Sunday, April 23, 2006.

When he addressed the audience which included both Governor-General Sir Frederick Ballantyne and Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, the Most Rev. Robert Rivas, the Bishop of Kingstown called for love and unity to prevail in the country.{{more}}”Love and unity most be the hallmark of any community.” He challenged leaders to show how to be merciful and forgiving.

Bishop Rivas reflected and recommended the attitude of his colleague Archbishop Kelvin Felix as a sterling example of the spirit of love and mercy. Bishop Felix was recently attacked by a man outside a St Lucian church. “I called him recently and he was about to visit the same man who attacked him at the prison.”

The St. John the Evangelist RC church had its genesis in 1898 when Rev. Putz built a wooden church at Cane End, Mesopotamia, to accommodate the growing Catholic community. In 2002, the St John’s community had as its main thrust the replacement of the then church roof after they received a grant from Propaganda Fide (Congregation for the propagation of the Faith, Rome) and AID to the Church in Need, Germany.

Under the leadership of Parish priest Fr. Pio Atonio MF it was agreed that a more long term project be established to develop the church to meet the needs of present and future generations. Construction commenced in May 2004 and now according to Bishop Rivas “Today in the valley you can rest, it is resurrection day.”

Fr. Atonio missed the grand day because of the passing of his father in his homeland in Samoa.