Spelling Bee trophy goes to Georgetown
April 13, 2006
Spelling Bee trophy goes to Georgetown

Students, staff, and those connected with the Georgetown Government School have additional reasons to be proud. Raedonna Abbott, Gerron Texeria and Delrick Charles representing that institution won the Karib Cable 2006 Word Up Competition last Friday.

The three 11 year olds, all Grade six students missed only one word and dropped four other points for words done on the second attempt. They ended on 66 points, ahead of Kingstown Preparatory School 57, and St. Mary’s Roman Catholic 55. {{more}}

Georgetown correctly spelt drudgery, cotyledon, decathlon, vacuum, gauge, nondescript, atmospheric, diameter, reservoir, asthma, miniature and grievous on the first attempt, and aisle, and intercession on the second attempt. They missed Fahrenheit in the second round.

Abbott from Chester Cottage, Texeira, Georgetown, and Charles from New Chapmans Village praised English teacher Paula Blake/Toney who prepared them for the competition. The group was happy with their success, and Abbott disclosed: “We studied hard.”

In addition to their trophy, Georgetown received three computers with unlimited Internet access for one year, educational software, and one printer. According to Karib Cable’s Justin John, the first prize is worth $10,000.

Kish France, Ariane Baynes, and Jonel Cadougan represented the Kingstown Preparatory School. Their English teacher is Gillian Dougan.

St. Mary’s Roman Catholic got off to a slow start with three points from the first three rounds. But finished with a flurry. Their squad comprised Saskia Renton, Kaylia Toney and Taj Lee.

The other finalists were Kingstown Anglican and New Prospect both with 49, New Grounds 39, Clare Valley 36 and Sion Hill 30.

Fifty-six of the 66 Primary Schools, spread over eight zones, took part in the competition.