KCCU’s up with technology
April 13, 2006
KCCU’s up with technology

Website: www.kccu.vc

If you are a Kingstown Cooperative Credit Union member, and you have access to a computer, you don’t have to physically go to the KCCU offices in order to know what’s going on with the credit union. They are online. The address is www.kccu.vc.

The site was commissioned last Monday April 10 and formed part of KCCU’s 48th anniversary activities. KCCU’s president Edmund Jackson highlighted the Credit Union’s role of service to members when he spoke at the Web site’s launching.{{more}}

Jackson noted the expanding role of technology in every sphere of development, and made it clear that the KCCU “intends to look at e-services more widely.”

As far as Jackson was concerned, KCCU will do more business with persons abroad as a result of the website.

Jackson praised KCCU for its practice of “good governance.” With its foundation on the spirit of volunteers by stalwart credit unionists, Jackson focused on KCCU’s Mission statement “to promote and provide affordable high quality financial services, principally geared towards the needs and development of its members of St. Vincent and Grenadines.”

The president reflected on the 43rd annual general meeting held last May 28. The theme then was “Exploring opportunities for growth and expansion within the Caricom Single Market and Economy.”

Jackson sees opportunities for KCCU with CSME’s introduction.

He anticipates that KCCU would become “more technology-driven,” and he is looking forward to the provision of more efficient services.

For Jackson, technology would allow for the expansion of “our market access.” And he sees the facilitation of business with persons abroad as an outcome of the coming on stream of the on-line facility.

KCCU is working on the development of the Credit Union sector while continuing its own progress.

Jackson paid tribute to the cadre of volunteers whose work established a foundation for the Credit Union.

Jackson used the opportunity to encourage new and younger members to come forward at the AGM, and offer their services to the credit union movement. Vice President Annis Horne gave an overview of KCCU’s fortunes and advances.

General manager Clement Lynch described the KCCU’s 48th birthday celebration as a build up to the 50th anniversary April 12, 2008. This year’s observation is under the theme “leading in experience and service.”

Lynch introduced the provision of more services commensurate with the launching of the website. And for him, the focus has to be on people and the KCCU sees “people” as the “nucleus of our business.”

Lynch paid tribute to the KCCU members, whom he referred to as ” an indispensable, integral part of our everyday existence.”