Health workers put on 2-day fair
April 13, 2006
Health workers put on 2-day fair

‘Working Together for Health’

World Health Day was celebrated Last Friday, April 7, and to commemorate the event The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Medical Association held its fifth Annual Health Fair at the Anglican School Annex under the theme: “Working Together for Health.”

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Rosalind Ambrose highlighted that on the global stage, World Health Day calls for greater recognition and support for Health Care Workers. She said in many countries the world over, the mission is threatened by limited Human Resources as in-trained personnel to administer health care to the needy, and limited also by financial capacity to make some services available to the world’s population.{{more}}

Persons filled the annex to view a wide range of stalls displaying different aspects of health care.

Last year, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Medical Association made a landmark stride, when the organisation was awarded the World Health Organisation (WHO)- PAHO trophy and certificate of appreciation for being one of the six winners of the World No Tobacco Awards of 2005 for Health Professionals Against Tobacco.

Furthermore she said that it is a global phenomenon that the cost and administration of health is rising.

The WHO has stated that some 57 countries are faced with a shortage of health care workers to provide essential and life saving interventions. The fair was held last Friday and Saturday.