Kenyatta Alleyne excels at CWSA
April 7, 2006
Kenyatta Alleyne excels at CWSA

by G. E. M. Saunders

Kenyatta Antoni Alleyne, son of Kenneth “Scakes” Alleyne and Rose-Marie Alleyne of Walker Piece, New Montrose, graduated from the St. Vincent Grammar School in June 1992 with 8-O’levels and 3-A’levels. Two months later, the former Stoney Ground Primary School student applied to the CWSA for what he termed “any available post”.

An interview soon followed and the management of the CWSA quickly identified the young Alleyne as a potential engineering candidate and employed him in January 1993 as an assistant Laboratory Technician. His duties then included the collection of water samples for testing and analysis by the lab technicians and the collection of other hydrological data. {{more}}

In August of 1994, the ambitious Alleyne, applied and was accepted to the faculty of engineering, firstly to read for a degree in surveying technology and eventually transferring to the civil engineering degree program in January 1995. This was made possible through a scholarship form the British Development Division (BDD).

The young Alleyne performed exceptionally well during his undergraduate years and was promoted to the post of engineering assistant in January 1996. He eventually graduated with a bachelor’s of science in civil engineering in June 1998 and was promptly promoted to the post of engineer, CWSA in September of that same year, five-and-a-half years after joining the staff of the CWSA.

Alleyne always availed himself of opportunities for learning and training. He continues to be a regular participant at annual water and wastewater engineering conferences, and during the years 1999 and 2001, he was trained in Domestic Wastewater technology, Anaerobic Wastewater treatment, Geographic Information Systems Technology and project management.

Still hungry for further training opportunities Alleyne was accepted to the University of Leeds in England to read for a Master’s degree in environmental engineering and project management. He promptly attained his Master’s degree with distinction in October 2003 and upon his return, he was appointed to the post of senior engineer in March 2004.

He was also selected as the CWSA’s representative at the White Water to Blue Water Conference in March 2004 and accessed training in water meter selection and maintenance in Puerto Rico in April 2004 to further enhance his all-round engineering ability.

The quiet and unassuming Alleyne has clearly developed himself, with the assistance of the CWSA and the Ministry of Health and the Environment, into an invaluable asset of the CWSA and St. Vincent and the Grenadines as a whole, and is one of the many success stories.

At the CWSA, he has participated in many water and sewerage projects and was responsible for operations and maintenance for a number of years. He is currently assisting the Ministry of Health and the Environment in implementing a solution to the treatment and disposal of faecal Waste, and in recognition of his maturity and responsibility, he was recently temporarily assigned as acting engineering manager for the duration of the Windward Water Supply Project.

Kenyatta Alleyne, from Assistant Lab Technician to acting Engineering Manager, represents the perfect example of personal and organizational development coming together in the interest of national development in the field of Health.

• (This article was submitted by the CWSA in support of World Health Day, today – April 7. This year’s theme is “Working for Health,” with a focus on human resource development. Mr. Alleyne is an employee who has exemplified personal growth and contributed to organizational development.)