Street signs for Queen’s Drive neighbourhood
March 31, 2006

Street signs for Queen’s Drive neighbourhood

The Queen’s Drive Neighbourhood Watch recently brought to fruition its project to have various streets within its community named so as to facilitate easy location and direction of residents. This project took some time to be implemented and now boasts thirteen road signs with names, starting with a “Welcome to Queen’s Drive” sign, entering from Arnos Vale. The Queen’s Drive Main Road is indicated at several junctions along with the chosen name for each by-road.{{more}}

Part of the cost was met through corporate donations with the balance being covered by funds raised by the organization.

In the meantime, The Queen’s Drive Neighbourhood Watch elected a new executive body at its Annual General Meeting held on February 4, 2006. This comprises the following:

Pastor Amos Dennie, Chairman; Mr. Fred Providence, Deputy Chairman; Mr. Cedric Saunders, Secretary; Mrs. Stacy Cottle, Assistant Secretary; Mrs. Roslyn Sutherland, Treasurer; Committee Members being: Mr. Pat Hazell, Mrs. Lorna Debique, Mr. St. Clair Robinson and Mr. Randolph Russell. Ex officio member is Mr. Robert Haydock, Past Chairman.

The Queen’s Drive Neighbourhood Watch maintains a regular cutting and cleaning of the curb-side grass and shrubs on a contractual basis particularly along a section of the Queen’s Drive Main Road. Funds for this and other projects come from proceeds from the Annual Fathers’ Day Luncheon which has become the major event for the organization.