March 24, 2006

Super Mas, Super Jamz, Super Mix for Carnival ‘06

Assurance has been given by Chairman of the Carnival Development Committee (CDC) Dennis Ambrose that Vincy Mas 2006, “Super Mas, Super Jamz, Super Mix”, will be splendid.

Ambrose who was speaking at the launch of the Vincy Mas poster on Tuesday March 21 at the CDC’s headquarters also outlined activities for the festival, noting that everything was on track. {{more}}

In his presentation, the Chairman commended the designer of the Vincy Mas poster, Marina Lampkin and described her creation as an eye-catching kaleidoscope of colours, which depicted the artistry of the festival.

Ambrose also urged other creative people such as song-writers to be part of the new song competition, but his plea to the business houses was even stronger. He urged them to be generous.

He noted that when an influx of visitors arrive for the festival, there is an “Economic Boom” and the many businesses that profit should give back when they gain.

Also emphasising the need for more financial support from businesses was Culture Minister Rene Baptiste. She noted that she felt vindicated when economist Sir Dwight Venner indicated in his report that having festivals such as Vincy Mas, Gospel Fest and Blues Fest were not only income generating, but also a means of marketing the “brand” of St.Vincent and the Grenadines. Baptiste condemned those whom she described as the “Carnival Haters” and noted that prejudices could hold back the culture.

She noted that this country’s innovations such as the printing of Vincy Mas post cards are now being copied by almost all the other islands.

The Culture Minister called on Vincentians to be proud of their talent and to see themselves as the “Source” of talent and creativity for the rest of the world.

Baptiste in her speech also expressed disappointment with the way that Heritage Square was evolving, but noted that plans are being developed to transform the vicinity into the area she once envisioned.

She chided, “It is not a place for a regular bolo and reckless behaviour…there is no need for the music to be blaring at that level when businesses and the library are around. It is not necessary.”