Rising above a Life of Poverty
March 24, 2006

Rising above a Life of Poverty

Teachers across the country have been urged by Deputy Chief Education Officer Acting, Luis DeShong to get their students excited about the Garifuna Heritage. {{more}}

This call came at opening of the Garifuna Heritage and Culture:Resource Needs Assessment Workshop for teachers, which was held at the Services Commission Department on Monday March 13.

In his presentation to the teachers, DeShong pointed out, “You are the ones who must go back to your classrooms and make a concerted effort to stimulate interest in learning about the Garifuna people. You have to make it come alive.”

Emphasising that the Garifuna peoples were survivors, De Shong encouraged teachers to transfer that attitude of strength to their students so that they can rise above a life of poverty.

The Education representative also warned educators to refrain from de-moralising their students: “Many of our teachers subject their students almost on a daily basis to subtle and not-so-subtle negative messages about their capacity to grow and develop into human beings who can contribute positively to society and learn that within themselves there is a blossom that can flower into beauty.”

The latest publication on the Garifina heritage entitled “The Garifuna: a nation across borders” which was compiled by Joseph O. Palacio, was also launched in celebration of the month of activities.

Montserrat Casademunt of Cubola Productions, the publishers of the book expressed through a speech read by representative of the Garifuna Heritage and Cultural Foundation, Zoila Ellis Browne, the assurance that the eleven essays found in the book are based on historical facts.

The book which was published in Belize has contributions from various international authors. Copies of the text were handed over to DeShong, as well as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Culture, Andreas Wickham.