Biabou benefits  from Fair Trade Donation
March 24, 2006

Biabou benefits from Fair Trade Donation

Some of the institutions in the vibrant community of Biabou are now well equipped with tools for their development thanks to donations made by the New Prospect Fair Trade Group.

Donations amounting to $27000 included computers, printers, photocopiers, a stove, Public Address systems, and much more.

{{more}} The recipients of these items were the New Prospect Primary School, Adelphi Secondary School, Biabou Methodist School, Biabou Health Care Centre and the Sea View Pre-School. The group, which has been in operation for the last four years, has done tremendous work in the Biabou community. Chairperson of the group, Phillip Andrews said that the group is always elated when they can give back to the community in one way or the other. He said that Windward Island Fair trade bananas are bought by two supermarkets in England, ASDA and TESCO. He further added that the group receives a social premium fund which helps to aid communities in rural areas. Andrews said that the banana is the life of most rural communities. “If it’s someone that does a hard day’s work, it has to be a farmer,” Andrews stated.

Senior Education Officer for Primary Schools, Tyrone Burke was present and expressed heartfelt thanks to the Fair Trade Group, saying he was pleased to be part of such an event. He said the Ministry of Education understands that they cannot manage education alone but there must be a partnership. He encouraged all the recipients to use all the equipment wisely and effectively.