March 10, 2006
Tribute to Glenn Jackson

As part of the WeFM wider family and on behalf of the hosts and regular listeners to ‘Scriptural Search’, I wish to express shock and consternation at the senseless, cowardly slaying of Glenn Jackson. {{more}}

Glenn was an advocate, communicator, social and political activist, journalist and entertainer of local and regional renown. He expressed to me on more than one occasion that he was a frequent listener to the programme ‘Scriptural Search’.

Our condolences go out to his immediate family, close friends and comrades. May God grant comfort in this time of national grief.

Just as Moses the great ancient deliverer of the children of Israel was given a spokesman and assistant by God, so Glenn was to our beloved Prime Minister an Aaron. He was a great example of someone who was willing to take positive, non-violent action in support of his beliefs.

My son Jamali made a wonderful suggestion that should be given careful consideration: The building currently under construction opposite the Thompson’s Home, to house the National Broadcasting Corporation and the Agency for Public Information should be called the GLENN JACKSON MEMORIAL MEDIA CENTRE.

It is my prayer that God would grant the wisdom, intelligence and discernment necessary to those concerned, so that the person(s) who orchestrated and executed this wicked crime could be brought to justice.

God bless SVG.

Joel H. Jack