March 10, 2006

Media Workers Remember Veteran Broadcaster

BERNARD JOHN: Former Manager of National Broadcasting Corporation: “He was obviously a very people-oriented person. The programs that he did reflected that. He was a wonderful broadcaster, very committed to what he was doing and also very committed to the development of the people of St.Vincent and the Grenadines.” {{more}}

BERNARD JOSEPH: Veteran broadcaster: “I have known Glenn for a long time, even before we started as young broadcasters at NBC Radio. Prior to that we worked as teachers at Richmond Hill Government School. Even before that we were friends and chatted a lot about radio.”

THERESA DANIEL: Long time friend and co-worker: “Over the years we have grown professionally together, we have collaborated on many projects. more than anything else, he was innovative, he was the consummate professional, he was a pioneer, he understood the communication processes, as well as he understood his own power as a communicator. But more than anything else, Glenn was a very good friend.”

PAMELA BARBOUR: Former Programme Manager at NBC Radio “He was a very organized person, and very dedicated to his job. If he believed in something, he pursued it. He was very articulate in terms of his understanding of things, and his beliefs. He was also a very generous-hearted person. He was also a mischievous person. I would remember him coming in and tilting his head down and looking at you under the eye when he is up to something, and laughing. That is how I will always remember him. As a generous, loving and hard working person.”

KENDOL MORGAN: Former co-worker: “I remember Glenn as one of the most creative broadcasters I have come across in the twenty-odd years I have been in the business, creativity in terms of coming up with initiatives which were appealing to the audience. Whenever he came up with an idea, you knew that it would be one that would work. That would be to me one of the big plusses of his broadcasting career. He was never willing to just accept the status quo, the way things were done. He was always challenging himself to come up with new and creative ideas.”