Jackson’s Wife, Kids Trying to Cope
March 10, 2006

Jackson’s Wife, Kids Trying to Cope

Susan Jackson, wife of Glenn Jackson, and their two sons Glendon and Ian may perhaps be consoled by the outpouring of sympathy from the rest of the nation, but for them, life will never be the same. {{more}}

It was Glendon who found his father’s body in the family’s Toyota Rav 4 at around 1:55p.m. last Monday afternoon. The light brown vehicle, P 255, was parked on the side of the road at Cane Garden, a upscale residential area just east of Capital City Kingstown.

After not having seen their father since the previous night, the children had begun to worry. He had left for a function at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce car Park in Kingstown, and was expected to pick up the children shortly after.

The delay in his return induced a feeling of unease in the kids, but the discovery of the body, about 500 yards from the family residence turned the episode into the family’s worst nightmare.

Glenn, 44 last birthday, and the former Susan Foster were married on August 29, 1987. He was the son of Robert Providence and Yvonne Robin, nee Jackson.

Susan was in the United Sates of America pursuing studies in Early Childhood Education when she received news of her husband’s death.

She is as shocked as the entire nation is. She had spoken with her husband last Sunday and everything was well with him.

The details of how the shocking events unfolded are being put together. Susan has a lot on her mind and it may be a long time if ever at all, before life returns to some measure of normalcy for her.

“I have to take care of the children,” she said in a soft but firm voice. The residence at Cane Garden on the road to the Sion Hill Bay was characterized by a sombre atmosphere, a mood reflected in the whole nation.

Some of Glendon’s schoolmates from the St. Martins Secondary School, close relatives, and other loved ones mingled on the compound, but there was a hushed feeling of gloom. The reality of the sad situation was hard to escape.

The presence of a Special Service Unit (SSU) Officer, complete in camouflage army uniform, added to the prevailing outlook.

Funeral arrangements are yet to be finalized, and investigations into the incident were continuing up to Wednesday.

Jackson became the nation’s first murder victim for 2006. His death came weeks after Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves praised the nation for settling their differences by peaceful means up to that time.

A spate of road deaths, five up to the first week in February, served as a source of concern to the nation.

Then the record was smeared with Jackson’s killing, the occurrence of which has sent a chill throughout the region, especially in view of Jackson’s closeness to the Prime Minister.