March 10, 2006

C&W Launches ATIRR Systems

Telecoms provider Cable & Wireless has announced the introduction of the ATIR system for Fixed Line residential customers. {{more}}

The new system, which is known in the industry as Automated Telephony Integrated Reporting (ATIR), will help C&W customers manage their accounts, whether or not they have received their bills.

According to Manager of Finance, Lydia Courtney, “The introduction of this service is a direct result of suggestions made by customers through our Company’s bi-annual customer survey. Customers have indicated that they may have been inconvenienced in the past by the interruption of their service and have asked Cable & Wireless for measures that will assist them in the management of their telephone accounts. This new service will do just that and will provide the comfort to our customers that they can be notified at different intervals before interruption of service, whether it is for their fixed line or mobile postpaid services.”

In addition, Courtney said, “Cable & Wireless is getting ready to enlist on the Caribbean Credit Bureau (CCB) and we are more than happy to ensure our customers maintain their creditworthiness, as our customers’ information will be available to the entire Caribbean Market, and it could only augur well for all of our customers to have good credit status, as we forge towards CSME.”

The system is interactive and will keep customers informed of their ongoing charges.

Customers will be alerted up to three times when approaching, and on reaching their prescribed credit limits.

Effective March 2006, customers can receive a call reminding them of the amount of charges they have accumulated.