March 3, 2006
Banana farmers may have new market soon

Banana farmers would soon have an alternative company to which they can sell their bananas.

This was disclosed by Montgomery Daniel, Minister of Agriculture, on Tuesday, February 28, as he spoke of new developments in the Agricultural sector. {{more}}

The company that has an office in Trinidad and Tobago but operates out of the United Kingdom is proposing to purchase 8,000 tonnes of bananas per month from St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Daniel stated that he held discussions with the company’s representatives on Monday and they expressed the desire to purchase two boat loads of bananas from St.Vincent and the Grenadines every month during the initial phase of the plan.

Daniel said it would be premature to name the company as discussions are still ongoing.

To increase the amount of bananas produced, Daniel said the government will be revamping the banana industry and will be making lands available to young people who cannot afford to

purchase them, to enable them get involved in agriculture.