February 24, 2006
Waynesha gets help from Troumaca group

A group of Troumaca residents, who have spent some time in the United Kingdom, is ensuring that they do not forget their roots. Eight-year-old Waynesha Ollivierre, a Troumaca Primary School student will benefit from their charity.

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines United Kingdom Association is taking care of Waynesha’s education.{{more}}

Louis Providence, the Association’s PRO, and Committee member Robert Providence made the first input towards Waynesha’s programme at her school on February 15, 2006.

The SVG/UK Association was formed in 1996, following the return home of a number of patriots during the 1990s.

Their emphasis is on assisting the Troumaca community in education.

“We realise there are a lot of children with potential whose parents don’t have the means,” Louis pointed out.

Louis outlined that the offer extends to Waynesha’s university education, and parallels the government’s thrust towards ensuring complete literacy in its citizenry.

Waynesha is not the first student the SVG/UK Association has helped. The space was created with the completion of the secondary education of a St. Joseph Convent student.

Waynesha will get books and uniforms. Waynesha’s mother, Pauline was direct in her response to the support.

“I’m glad. I am a single mother, I am grateful for it,” she sighed.

She is the mother of three: Donnis 17, and Shawayne 9.