February 24, 2006
Public wages too high

An economist employed at the regional brokerage firm Caribbean Money Market Brokers Limited (CMMB) is paying close attention to the public sector wage bill here.

Commenting on this country’s 2006 Budget, CMMB’s Chief Economist Jwala Rambarran is cautious about the high level of the public sector wage bill. {{more}}

Rambarran described this year’s budget as being relatively good in comparison to the 2004/2005 economic performance, but showed great concern with what he described as the large amount of money allocated for wages for public sector workers.

According to the regional economist, this country had a steady performance despite global shocks, but he suggested that the 2006 budget did not project enough wage control in the public sector.

Rambarran also cautioned about the high debt rate of 85 percent of the Country’s GDP, a concern previously raised by this country’s Prime Minister during his 2006 Budget Address.