February 24, 2006
Dr. Gonsalves to meet Cane Grove farmers

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has agreed to meet the Cane Grove Farmers’ Group in the community to discuss the proposed hotel development in the Buccament Valley.

This will be done at a date convenient to all parties.

On Tuesday evening at Buccament, the farmers agreed to broaden the grouping that will be meeting with the Prime Minister to include all other stakeholders from the community. {{more}}At that meeting the farmers discussed the Buccama Integrated Project – a previous plan that had been developed for the area.

Earlier on Tuesday, Dr. Gonsalves had met with some members of the Cane Grove Farmers’ Group at Cabinet Room.

The contentious issue that sparked fury from some farmers last week relates to a proposal by European investors, Man Investments in conjunction with a group from Barbados, to build a multi million dollar 100-room cabana project on 26 acres of land around the central part of Buccament.