February 24, 2006

Digicel takes its Caring Connections over Dry River

Since their launch in August of 2004, Digicel’s Caring Connections has expanded by leaps and bounds.

The telecommunications powerhouse has implemented several community-based projects.

Participants in these projects will be given a seed funding of $10,000 to assist them. The company stated that the projects have to be meaningful and have the potential to assist their communities in different ways.{{more}}

The community groups have an allotted time frame of two months for project completion.

So far, Digicel Caring Connection has journeyed North of the Dry River to the Sandy Bay Resource Centre conveying the message about how the projects work.

They have already the completed projects in the Southern and Northern Grenadines and their next stop would be in North Leeward. Interested persons are urged to come up with ideas in the meantime.