Town Board row brewing
February 17, 2006

Town Board row brewing

The Kingstown Town board seems to have a bit of a problem on their hands with regards to the collection of monies.

Last Tuesday at a brief press conference held at the Co-operative Division’s Conference room, Warden of the Town Board, Carl Williams said that they have been experiencing problems with collecting monies and they are $80,000 in arrears. Williams highlighted the fact that on a monthly basis they are supposed to collect revenues valued at $34,000 from the approximately one hundred and thirty nine shop owners in the shops at little Tokyo, China Town, George Mc Intosh Community Market and the Central Market. {{more}}Williams noted an alarming fact that they only receive $13,000, a $21,000 deficit.

He further noted that the Town Board is operating on an overdraft of some $4 million and they are doing everything to get this figure down.

Vendors were expected to meet with Minister of National Mobilisation, Mike Browne and Williams yesterday at the Methodist Church Hall to tackle the issues affecting the tenants of these

shops and how the monies can be paid. He further added that he hopes the issue will be resolved amicably during the meeting and thus eliminate the need for legal involvement. He also noted that he does not intend to take the road of irrational action.