Sylvester: Children suffer from single parenting
February 17, 2006

Sylvester: Children suffer from single parenting

Part of a one-day seminar on family rights and responsibilities held last Thursday, February 9 2006 at the Peace Memorial Hall, revealed that Single Parenting is one of the main problems facing families in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Human Rights Association, Nicole Sylvester noted that children are often the ones who suffer as a result of single parenting. She said that the majority of birth certificates do not bear the fathers’ names, noting that “Children have the right to know their fathers.” {{more}}Sylvester noted that this is a huge problem and corrective measures should be taken quickly.

She also touched briefly on the topic of abuse and said that most women who are in abusive relationships stay with their partners because of their financial dependence. She further added that children in these situations suffer and become confused by what is happening.

President of the Family Court, Sharon Cummings picked up where Sylvester left off on the topic of Domestic Violence. She said that in the year 2004, 197 protection orders were issued by the family court and in 2005 the figure had risen to over 300.

She said abuse has become a “conspiracy of silence” and stated that doctors, teachers and parents are obligated to report on any forms of abuse discovered.

In the case of child maintenance, Cummings said that it should be seen as more than just a handout. She said it also involves something that the court cannot give and that has to do with love, which only the family can provide. She also highlighted the fact that many of our children end up on the street and are left to fend for themselves and that a Juvenile Detention facility should be built here to act as a safe haven for street children.