February 17, 2006
SVGS launches young leaders programme

Even the inclement weather did not stop the St. Vincent Boys’ Grammar School from launching their 2005-2006 Young Leaders program on Monday February 6 at the school’s compound. The young Leaders chose “Developing our nation, through positive action,” as their sub-theme.

President Daniel Campbell said that the program has been a blessing and they have devoted lots of time to the project. Young Campbell said in today’s society it seems as if violence is being accepted by the nation. “We should be doing the opposite and repel from violence and find other civil means of settling matters.”{{more}}

Past Student, Senator Ronald Marks gave the boys some great advice, not only for their project but also for life: “Before you can be a good leader, you must first be a follower.” He urged them to take full responsibility for their actions and whatever tasks they are faced with it, should be done to their fullest capacity. Marks showed the students that it is indeed a fact that there is no substitute for hard work. He further added that Leadership is all about making decisions and they should show respect towards one another.

So far, the Young Leaders have held a radio program on Health related issues and they would also be holding a Anti-Violence March soon.