Coast Guard Personnel gets advanced training
February 10, 2006

Coast Guard Personnel gets advanced training

On February 17, Able Seaman Corey Findlay will travel to the United Kingdom to the prestigious Britannica Royal Naval College to undergo a one-year “International Young Officer Course.”

The Britannica Royal Naval College is the premier naval officer training establishment of the United Kingdom and members of the Royal family traditionally started their naval careers at this college.{{more}}

Able Seaman Findlay will be following in the footsteps of only three Vincentians, past Coast Guard Commander David Robin, present Coast Guard Commander Tyrone James and ex Coast Guard Officer Desmond Corea who have all attended the Britannica Royal Naval College.

On February 3, Sub. Lt. Deon Henry departed St. Vincent to complete his two-year training in Officer in charge Navigational Watch Phase Three at the Caribbean Maritime Institute in Jamaica. Sub Lt. Ralphie Ragguette who is enrolled in another two-year programme, Officer in charge Engineering Watch Phase Three at Caribbean Maritime Institute, will be joining Henry on March 4.

These initiatives are part of a long term strategy to position the St. Vincent Coast Guard Service as the premier Maritime Law Enforcement Safety and Search and Rescue Agency within the OECS and the wider Caribbean.

In this regard and following the Coastguard 2006 theme of “Training, Implementation and Consolidation: Gateway to Professionalism” the Coast Guard is conducting its first 5-week Basic Seamanship Course at its Headquarters at Calliaqua. Other training initiatives include 4-week Electrical/Electronic and Engineering Courses and a 1-week Outboard Motor Course.