SVG marches for peace
February 3, 2006

SVG marches for peace

Words alone cannot begin to describe what transpired at the Victoria Park last Sunday, January 29, as showers of praise, blessings and thanksgiving swept through the arena.

Police officers, clergymen and spectators held their hands to the heavens exalting the presence and name of the Lord.

“Moving Forward in 2006 with the Church in the Redeeming Power of God in Prayer, Repentance and Thanksgiving for the Nation.” This was the uplifting theme of the session of praise, prayer and worship organized by the Royal St. Vincent Police Force with assistance from local churches. {{more}}

To mark this historic event, a march originating at the Peace Memorial Hall and ending at the Victoria Park was led by Police Commissioner Keith Miller, Minister of Education, Girlyn Miguel and Minister of Urban Development, Rene Baptiste.

A powerful and heartfelt prayer by Coast Guard Officer AB 716 Natalie Young had many chanting, “Yes, Jesus, Yes, Jesus,” as she poured her heart out in prayer for the nation.

Commissioner Miller said that the March and Rally was the first of many steps that will be employed in order to address lawlessness in the country. Commissioner Miller also hinted that the drive taken by the police could only be effective with the cooperation of the people of the nation.

He added that the basic aim of the event was to engender a safer and better society, which is more conducive to the peaceful existence of the people of the nation.

“We hope to achieve this by giving honour to God through prayers for consecration and repentance,” the Commissioner stressed.

He strongly appealed to citizens of the country to solve their differences in a more civil manner.

In his remarks, Governor-General Sir Frederick Ballantyne said the theme is very fitting amidst all the darkness affecting St. Vincent and the Grenadines at this time. He remarked that people seemed stuck on the issue of finding out how to prevent crime and not what is really the main cause of it. Sir Frederick cited factors such as poverty, illiteracy and unemployment as being among the causes of crime.

Former Minister of Security, Sir Vincent Beache emphasised the point that the police has been doing a marvelous job in crime fighting. He stressed that communities need to support the police in order for them to effectively fight crime. More importantly he mentioned that the schools need to be targeted in order to educate young people about the seriousness of and consequences that follow crime and violence.

Ministers of different church denominations rendered powerful prayers for different interest groups in the community.

“The battle is never started on the field; it begins with a spirit of discontentment within the heart.” These were the words of Pastor Maxwell Providence as he delivered the sermon. Pastor Providence said the problems occurring in schools and the home and the country on a whole are due to lack of reverence for God. He urged persons who are about to join the police force to uphold their Christian beliefs and keep God at the helm.