Questelles man dies in road crash
February 3, 2006

Questelles man dies in road crash

A sudden surge in the number of road deaths has spurred a debate in this country’s House of Assembly on the issue of more stringent measures to ensure road safety.

Health and Environment Minister Dr. Douglas Slater hinted at possible legislation when he made his contribution to the 2006 budget recently.{{more}}

Dr. Slater’s comments on road safety came on the heels of statements by Urban Development Minister Rene Baptiste. She focused her attention on the use of helmets in the wake of the death of a 21-year-old man Darrell Sergeant who succumbed to head injuries following a motorcycle accident.

Sergeant became the first road fatality for 2006.

By last Sunday morning, the figure had jumped to four. The latest was Winston George, a 39-year-old mason who resided at Questelles.

George was the victim of a car crash, which occurred in the vicinity of the Chauncey Methodist Church. According to a report from the Police Public Relations and Complaints Department, George died on the spot. Two other occupants of the motor vehicle P 5193 survived the impact. Ellsworth Hooper was still under observation up to Monday, while Calvert Charles was treated and discharged from the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Winston’s father Joseph George, a 66-year-old builder of Questelles, was still trying to come to grips with the loss of his first son.

Joseph described his son as “loving and kind.” “He never rude to his Mom and Dad. He was the best in the area,” Joseph said. Winston’s sisters, Merlene and Marjorie echoed his comments.

Winston is the father of two girls, Sherrine, 18, and Celicia, 8.

Winston moved from the East St. George area of Junction just over ten years ago to Questelles. Plans are being finalised for Winston’s burial.