January 27, 2006
Kenisha will get her Hairoun Pimp Ride

The long wait to see if Kenisha Hannaway was indeed the winner of the “Pimp My Hairoun Ride” competition is no more.

Kenisha’s mother, Salome Hannaway revealed to Searchlight on Tuesday that the Gaming Commission, which had been deliberating on the delicate matter, decided that her daughter was in fact the rightful owner of the vehicle. {{more}}

The controversy arose when Salome’s daughter, 11-year-old Kenisha dropped in the required six Hairoun beer bottle caps and entry form, but only wrote her name.

Marketing Manager Wayne Murphy said that determining if Kenisha was the person who submitted the entry became difficult since there was no telephone number or address.

The Brewery thus decided to hold the vehicle until they had consulted with the National Gaming Commission.

Salome said that on Wednesday, January 18, a member of the Gaming Commission came to get a sample of Kenisha’s hand writing and returned a week later on Tuesday, January 24 to confirm that Kenisha was indeed the winner.

The elated mother and daughter said that they are extremely grateful and will now be selling the vehicle to the highest bidder. The Paul’s Avenue resident said that she is not greedy, but she was going to get the automobile evaluated so that the person buying it would give her a fair price so that the money would be used to educate her daughter.

Kenisha’s name was the second to be drawn at the Victoria Park on Sunday, January 8, for the grand prize of a customised Dodge Ram Pickup Truck.