Youth loses battle after bike accident
January 20, 2006

Youth loses battle after bike accident

Rene Baptiste, Minister of Urban Development, has joined Patricia Sargeant, the mother of Darrell Sargeant, a young man who succumbed on Thursday January 12 to injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident the previous Saturday, in calling for legislation to be passed to make the wearing of helmets compulsory for people riding motorcycles. {{more}}

Baptiste, addressing Parliament on Tuesday, January 17, lamented the fact that that too many young people are succumbing to injuries from motor cycle accidents.

“I wish at this time in noting the cause of his death: riding without a helmet,” said Baptiste, as she implored her fellow parliamentarians to seriously consider legislation that will make the wearing of helmets by motorcyclists compulsory.

Baptiste described Darrell as a very active member of the West Kingstown Unity Labour Party Youth Arm who worked in the Ministry of Tourism as a driver.