LaFerne Cato: Always lead by example
January 20, 2006

LaFerne Cato: Always lead by example

“Always lead by example. Education in itself is empowering.” These were the stern remarks made by feature speaker and Counsellor of the St. Vincent Grammar School, LaFerne Cato as she addressed the students at the official launch of the Bethel High School Young Leaders.

She said the sub-theme, “Empowering the leaders of tomorrow by instilling in them the cherished moral values of yesterday,” is of essential significance for the youth of today. Cato reiterated that students must take full responsibility for their actions as many challenges and hardships present themselves everyday. {{more}}

She urged all 24 members of the group to pool their ideas together so as to achieve their main goal and other targets.

“Positive attitude only brings forth success.” Cato made this clear not only to the young leaders but all the students and teachers present in the auditorium. She said she believes that the family is a stronghold, and to ensure the success of a child, families should empower their children.

A very important point that was raised during her address was the manner in which the boys and girls are dressing themselves. She noted that the young men’s trousers are always hanging and the girls are wearing the shortest of skirts. She urged the students to stop mimicking the North American lifestyle and embrace our own. “If you want to mimic someone, it should be someone positive.”

Public relations officer of the group, Monique Malcolm highlighted some of the group’s upcoming activities, including a Parent/ Teacher Association meeting to be held this month, and talks to various schools on the topic ‘abuse and violence’. The group will also lead a debate competition on February 26. This year’s general theme for the young leaders is “Shaping the future, Cherishing life, Embracing family values, Respecting one another”