January 13, 2006
Public Servants benefit from IT training

Sixteen Public Servants are now better equipped to handle the administering of the data bases within the Public Service.

On Friday, January 6, they completed a 10-day training workshop sponsored by the Information Technology Services Division (ITSD) of the Ministry of Telecommunications.{{more}}

Director of the ITSD Andre Bailey noted that the workshop is geared at developing the human resources within the Government Service in an effort to administer the databases that are scattered throughout the service.

He noted that databases will feature prominently in the future and Vincentians need to be involved in their administering instead of continuing to rely on the expertise of expatriates.

Persons involved in the training were pulled from various government departments among them the Web Unit, the Statistics Unit, the Community College, the Registry and the Airport.

The workshop was facilitated by Data Base Administrator and Systems Application Developer Sunil Sheen.