January 13, 2006

Browne put his house in order

At least one Government Minister has decided to put his house in order from the inception of his administration’s second term.

Last Tuesday, Mike Browne, Minister of Social Development and National Mobilization, held a staff meeting with over one hundred employees at the Methodist Church Hall, and promised to make his Ministry the most envied of Government Ministries. {{more}}

Minister Browne outlined his Ministry’s agenda for the next five years in particular 2006 and called on the workers to get on board.

He said Vincentians can expect a more hands on approach from his ministry in achieving the programmes set out.

He noted that the mission of his ministry is to mobilize resources with the aim of strengthening individuals, families and communities, focusing on poverty elimination, persons with disabilities, elderly, gender and family empowerment, participatory Local Government, Co-operatives and non-governmental organizations.

“Right now the ministry is set up almost like a welfare supermarket…It is sending us a signal, it’s saying to us we (persons needing assistance) asking you for this but really and truly we need more than this. We need you (Ministry of Social Development) to help to change the conditions of our lives, to transform the way we are so that we don’t have to come to you all the time to beg for the school fees and the shoes,” said Browne.

He challenged the workers of the Ministry that they will be required to go beyond the routine of giving out supplies and to take a greater interest in the quality of life of citizens.

His address covered the areas of administration, local government, national mobilization and social development.

Meanwhile, new Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Social Development and National Mobilization, Rosita Snagg, said she believed it was the first time the ministry had been able to bring almost all of its staff together for such a strategic meeting.

“This meeting is being held at a time when greater demands have been placed on the Ministry. The Ministry is mandated to reconfigure/reorganize itself from one of welfarism/distributory organization to one of national social transformation,” said Snagg.

“Each staff member must become part of the team that will propel us into a Ministry fit and ready to tackle the 21st century,” said Snagg.

Snagg told the staff, as agents of change it is essential that they embrace the challenges and work towards creating a SVG that will do us proud.

“As responsible Vincentians I beg your commitment to the task before us,” Snagg appealed.

Snagg encouraged the staff to work with the Minister to make the ministry the premiere social institution in the region.