December 23, 2005
House of Hope gives food baskets to HIV/AIDS Unit

The House of Hope continues to demonstrate its concern for and generosity to the indigent.

On Wednesday, December 21, the House of Hope established in 1999, donated four food baskets to the HIV/AIDS Unit.{{more}}

“We have been reaching out to persons less fortunate than we are, especially the poor and sick affected with HIV/AIDS,” said Anita Nanton, Chief Operating Officer of the House of Hope.

“We hope it will bring a bit of hope and joy in their lives,” said Nanton, while disclosing the activity was planned by the Education Committee of the House of Hope Society.

Dr. Del Hamilton, Head of the HIV/AIDS Unit expressed gratitude to the House of Hope on behalf of people living with HIV/AIDS.

“We are sure they will be greatly appreciated by the recipients,” said Dr. Hamilton.