December 16, 2005
Cummings: Supervisor of Elections should be jailed

“As a minimum, the Supervisor of Elections should not only be dismissed, (he) should be jailed!”

This call is being made by Daniel Cummings, the New Democratic Party’s candidate for West Kingstown who feels that he was cheated out of that seat because of irregularities that he charged Rodney Adams, Supervisor of Elections, was aware of.{{more}}

“I make that pronouncement on the basis of the overwhelming evidence of deliberate deceit, because the Supervisor of Elections is acutely aware of the facts presented to him. And the evidence on the final count coincides with all the issues I brought before him,” said Cummings on Monday. He said that now is the time for civil society led by the Christian Council to speak up.

“Given the …evidence about corruption and illegal acts, I Daniel Cummings today await the statements from the so-called Christian Council in this country.

“Ralph Gonsalves and his government know that they did not win North Leeward, West Kingstown, … Central Kingstown. They know they did not win those three constituencies.

“It is incumbent on those people not to take up those seats. It is incumbent if they love this country to do the right and honourable thing.”

Cummings said though officially he lost the seat he is the duly elected representative of West Kingstown.