GHS launches 2005-2006 Young Leaders Programme
December 9, 2005
GHS launches 2005-2006 Young Leaders Programme

by Kenara Woods

The Girls’ High School launched their 2005-2006 Young Leaders Programme at the Methodist Church Hall on Thursday, November 24.

The theme chosen for this year by the RBTT branch was “Shaping the Future, Cherishing Life, Embracing family values and Respecting one another.” The school has chosen “Enlightening our community for a better tomorrow” as their sub-theme.##[more]##

President, Wonlyn Lewis said for their main project, they are embarking on a program that would mainly be focusing on children in schools.

Lewis also mentioned they would be offering remedial services to children who need help in certain areas of their schoolwork or even in their daily lives.

She said that their prime objective is to help the youth through their projects and show them how to harness their power and use it in the most beneficial way possible.

Public Relations Officer (P.R.O) of the GHS Young Leaders, Narissa King said they are looking to target the youth to assist in getting their message to the community. She also said the young leaders and even members of the community need to awaken from their state of narrowmindedness and see that our young people are searching for a purpose in life. “We the Young leaders of the Girls’ High School have decided to show them what they should be looking for and give them the incentives to pursue worthwhile goals.”