November 18, 2005
ULP promises to restore grounds

In a move to alleviate the fears of persons who are concerned about the impact of the political rallies on the playing fields across St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Senator Julian Francis, Campaign Manager of the Unity Labour Party has promised that his party will do restorative work on them as soon as possible.{{more}}

“Whatever playing field is damaged we will restore the playing field as soon as we return to office,” said Francis at a press conference on Wednesday.

Francis said St.Vincent is limited as to places to host mass meetings “and the only place that can hold these people is the playing fields”.

The former Minister of Transport, Works and Housing said critics of the ULP must be mindful that “all the NDP meetings are held on the playing fields”.

He said had it not been for the election campaign the National Sports Council would have already closed the Grammar School Playing Field and the Sharpes Playing Field.

“The rain is not stopping the election; it is obvious the rain will not stop the election rallies,” said Francis.

Referring to last Sunday night’s rally where ULP supporters came out in the rain Francis said one would be silly to have cancelled a meeting with some 17, 000 persons in attendance.